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  • Your Guide to Events | Temperature Control

    In Control In the Events industry, it can sometimes feel as though innumerable factors are conspiring against you. With Acclimatise’s team of temperature regulation experts, it’s possible to take control of your event. Supplying reliable ventilation systems, from our commercial air conditioning to our scalable air to air heat pumps, read on to learn how we work closely with the Events industry. Who We Help From large or small scale events, we specialise in the design and installation of temporary...

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  • Why Choose Acclimatise?

    At the Forefront of Design As leading suppliers of temperature control solutions, Acclimatise has established an unshakeable reputation for innovation throughout both the UK and Europe. Designing and installing state-of-the-art regulation systems, we cater for a broad range of sectors, from boilers providing industrial heating to our air handling hire for commercial cooling. What’s more, by creating our own bespoke and turnkey solutions, we confidently deliver quality, energy-efficient solutions...

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  • Walking on Air with our AHU Rental

    Here at Acclimatise, our temperature control systems have convenience and quality at the core of their design. Aiming for a no-hassle solution, we’re revealing how our AHU hire lets businesses practically walk on air. Meet Demands With evermore advanced technology comes an increase in responsibility. Modern economy is now expected to function at a markedly faster pace with extra demands on resources and time. Fortunately, our scalable cooling and heating solutions are specifically designed to help...

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