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Acclimatise have a wealth of experience in the design and supply of air handling units to organisations across several sectors, and can provide both short and long term solutions depending on the client’s requirements.

Our range of air handling units utilise fan coil systems, allowing them to both heat and cool air upon specification, making them a versatile, cost-effective solution for today’s multi-faceted organisation. Our forward-thinking technology is suited to a wide range of purposes, and is commonly employed in situations requiring careful large volume air conditioning, including applications such as document archiving and food storage.

As with all of our products, our air handling units are designed to integrate seamlessly with the other products we offer, including our heat pumps and hot water systems, enabling Acclimatise to produce solutions that respond directly to the needs of your event, process or company. Our wide range of AHUs can also operate both internally and externally, offering our clients even greater flexibility.

Acclimatise operate in a number of sectors, making use of in-depth industry experience and delivering tailored recommendations based on practical expertise. Learn more about how you can benefit from this experience today at our dedicated Sectors page

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Air Handling Unit Rental Specification

  • Air Handling Unit


    L (mm)

    W (mm)

    H (mm)

    Weight (kg)

  • 20/40Kw

    Power240/1/50 4 amp

    L (mm)380

    W (mm)585

    H (mm)1850

    Weight (kg)60

  • 25/50Kw

    Power240/1/50 6 amp

    L (mm)1220

    W (mm)780

    H (mm)2150

    Weight (kg)180

  • 30/60Kw

    Power240/1/50 10 amp

    L (mm)1520

    W (mm)780

    H (mm)2250

    Weight (kg)198

  • 50/100Kw

    Power240/1/50 20 amp

    L (mm)3920

    W (mm)1130

    H (mm)2350

    Weight (kg)1192

  • 125/250Kw

    Power240/1/50 22 amp

    L (mm)3930

    W (mm)1130

    H (mm)2350

    Weight (kg)1214

  • 200/400Kw

    Power240/1/50 28 amp

    L (mm)3020

    W (mm)2380

    H (mm)2575

    Weight (kg)3200

  • 500/1000Kw

    Power240/1/50 42 amp

    L (mm)2400

    W (mm)2380

    H (mm)2480

    Weight (kg)4500

These specifications vary and are subject to avaliability