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A Full Service Approach

Acclimatise are on hand throughout the busy Christmas period to help set up and maintain temporary ice rinks across the UK. Utilising unique heatpump chiller technology, we take a full service approach to temporary ice rinks, providing all the equipment necessary for installation, maintenance and decommissioning in one cost-effective place.

From Installation to Decommission

Acclimatise make it our aim to deliver efficient and versatile units to cover clients from installation through to derig. Our heatpump chillers are specifically designed to produce both hot and cold water, meaning they allow for absolute temperature control at all times.

As standard, we supply a number of heatpump chillers dependent on the size and scope of the event. Several of these heatpump chillers are first used to create the ice rink, and then a proportion are kept back to ensure a consistently cool temperature and preserve the ice. The remaining heatpump chillers can then easily be repurposed, providing heating to other areas such as temporary restaurants, bars or boot rooms. By choosing Acclimatise for all of their temperature control needs, clients benefit from a low maintenance, full service solution.

Going Beyond Maintenance

Once the Christmas events period is over, our versatile heatpump chillers can then be used to melt the ice rink, removing the need for any additional boilers to be hired and helping clients to keep project budgets low at all times.

By taking a full service approach to the construction and maintenance of temporary ice rinks, Acclimatise provide a cost-effective solution in one place, meaning clients don’t have to outsource services or hire units from several different organisations simultaneously. We start by conducting a full on-site survey to deliver the most cost-effective, bespoke temperature control solution; learn more by enquiring online today.